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Accounts with Open Trades

We specialize in recovering big accounts with open positions.

Account Analysis

Contact us to get your free analysis of the positions in your account.

Strategy Improvement

If you use a manual or automated trading strategy, contact us and our specialists will help you improve the strategy performance and decrease drawdown.

Accounts with No Open Trades

We have specialists to recover accounts that have lost upto 90% of their initial capital.

Strategy Assessment

Contact to assess the strategy trading your account. We can give you a detailed analysis of your results.

Recover on a New Account

If you have lost money in forex long time ago and you want to recover your old losses, contact us for a recovery plan.


1# step

Assessing The Account​

First we start by assessing the account and if there are open trades we analyze them. We also examine the amount of drawdown and the initial capital required to recover.

2# step

Putting a Recovery Plan​

In the second step we put a recovery plan, and discuss this plan with the client to agree on the maximum risk per trade and  the time for recovery.

3# step

Start Recovery​

In the final stage, we start implementing the recovery plan as agreed with the investor. We keep communication with the investor until the full recovery is achieved.

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What Clients Say

"After trying forex trading on my own for nearly 6 years, I have lost around $45,000.

I found site in one of the forums I follow and I said I would give them a try. I gave them a small account $5000 to test them for a month and see their trading results.
They were able to make around 74% profit during the test month, and therefore I was convinced and gave them another bigger account with $25,000 to recover my lost $45,000. My condition was that the drawdown would not go above 30%. They were able to recover all the lost $45,000 within 3 months while keeping the max drawdown below 30%."
Matthew Long
"I have been introduced to Forex trading by a friend of mine, who was also managing my account. I thought it was a cool way to make money, since my funds were in cash all the time. However, I had no experience in money management and how important it was. Also I thought that following indicators was enough to make stable income, until one day the Brexit happened and I lost my full account. I found RecoverFXLosses while I was searching for a way to recover my account, and we agreed to fund an account with $50,000 to recover my lost $100,000. I can say I am very happy with their service. They managed to recover my lost funds in 2 months."
John Smith
"I am very pleased with their service.

Initially I had an EA that I bought for $1500 running on my $20,000 account.

It was doing fine until one day it started accumulating positions against the dollar on several pairs.

The drawdown started increasing everyday until it reached 65% of the account.

Luckily, I found this site and they were able to turn around my account.

They recovered it back in 6 weeks."

Mark Chu


“Throughout my financial career, I have continually witnessed examples of other people that I have known being ruined by a failure to respect risk. 

If you don’t take a hard look at risk, it will take you.”